Frequently Asked Questions

Rainhandler can provide drip edge extenders to solve the first problem, and adapters to solve the second.

This is a do-it-yourself product.  Because of their ease installation, many of our customers buy directly from us and install it themselves. Each Rainhandler comes with 6 screws and 3 brackets, so no special skills are required.  If you do not want to install it yourself, a handyman can do the job for you.  Or a local hardware Store can usually recommend one.   You can order directly from us via online.  Shipping is Free if your order is over $150.

Rainhandler replaces conventional gutters to protect your home from the harmful effects of rain and snow.  It consists of 3/4″ wide aluminum louvers that have been compared to an open Venetian blind.

As the rain comes off your roof, Rainhandler’s seven angled louvers break up the heavy sheet of water into small drops. These drops are deflected away from your home where they fall harmlessly to the ground in a 2 to 3 foot band.

To understand the benefit, picture the solid sheet of water that would pour down around your home from a clogged gutter. Its force would dig a trench at best and destroy gardens and back water up against your home’s foundation at worst. Even unclogged gutters funnel water into a downspout that dumps the water into a small area that quickly becomes saturated.

Compare this picture to the scientific dispersal of water in small, harmless drops evenly around your home and you’ll understand the advantage of Rainhandler.
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Yes. Rainhandler’s Limited Warranty follows:

For a period of 25 years from the date of purchase, Rainhandler units are guaranteed as to workmanship and against original defect in manufacture. Should a Rainhandler unit fail at any time during this guarantee period due to these causes, it will, at the manufacturer’s option, be replaced with an equivalent unit of current manufacture or your original purchase price will be refunded. Excluded are transportation costs, taxes, intentional damage, or damage resulting from improper installation or use, or damage as a result of the forces of nature. However, in the rare event of winter damage, sections which, in the sole judgment of the manufacturer, have been damaged by ice or snow will be replaced free of charge.

The Rainhandler system does much better in winter than conventional gutters. You may get some icicles hanging down from the Rainhandlers during freezing. Snow and ice cannot build up because of the open louver design. Gutters are one of the two main causes for ice dams. The other cause is lack of insulation and/or ventilation in the attic. If this condition exists, it must be taken care of as well. Each 5 foot section can hold up to 95 pounds of static load, and if you put 5 brackets on each Rainhandler the static load will increase to 150 pounds or more. Winter damage is so rare that we will replace any free of charge.
Does Rainhandler Come With A Warranty?

Rainhandler’s rugged aluminum louvers will not rust or rot. Tests by an independent agency confirm that one 5′ Rainhandler section will hold a 95 lb. load. In addition, Rainhandler has been granted U.S. patents for its design. The patents were granted because the Rainhandler is considered superior to the prior art, gutters. Favorable reviews in respected national consumer and home repair publications have been responsible for Rainhandler’s installation on thousands of homes.

Is Rainhandler Easy To Install?

The illustration of the parts you need to install a conventional gutter system as opposed to the parts you’ll need to install Rainhandler gives you the answer: Rainhandler is a snap to install.

And in more ways than one, because after you’ve used a screwdriver to attach the three brackets (which come with each 5′ long section of Rainhandler) to the fascia board of your home, you merely snap the Rainhandler section into place. It couldn’t be more simple. And because each Rainhandler disperser section weighs about one pound, even a child could carry it.
Suppose The Edge Of My Roof Doesn’t Extend Far Enough Or Extends Too Far From The Fascia Board For The

Rainhandler’s open aluminum louvers allow leaves and debris to either blow away or fall through. Snow and ice have no place to build up. Rainhandler is self-cleaning.

In the rare event this does happen, it won’t materially affect the Rainhandler’s performance because unlike a gutter, it won’t affect the entire system. You merely wash it off from ground level. A two dollar high pressure nozzle will reach 2 stories or more.