What Customers Are Saying About RainhandleR

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“Having used your product for several years now, I find I need the Doorbrella – Rain Diverter.  One amt. in brown.  My original invoice was 34464.  I can’t say enough about the rainhandler.  It’s been great!”

John SmithR. S. - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

“Every step of the ordering process for the Rainhandler gutters was perfect.  The salesman sent me to the URL, I ordered online, the gutters showed up when and where they were supposed to!  If all web-ordering were this easy I would do a lot more of it!  Thanks!”

JJB, Nashua - New Hampshire

“I recently purchased some of your Rainhandler and find it to be a remarkable product. IT WORKS! I want to do the rest of my home. Can you send me 39 sections? Money order enclosed.”

J.I.B. - Camp Springs, Maryland

“I purchased your product when I lived in Maine. Now, in Texas, I’d like to buy more. Send updated price list, please.”

Col. P.A.L., USMC (Ret.) - Dripping Springs, Texas

“I am confined to a wheelchair and unable to clean my gutters and downspouts. My neighbor, Mrs. R.K., has the Rainhandler system on her home and it really works very well. Please rush me 30 sections as I am having my gutters removed.”

C.C. - Virginia Beach, Virginia

“We have had our Rainhandler system for several years and are very pleased with it. We never have to clean them out and the dispersed water is great for our garden. I’m requesting this information package to give to a friend.”

Mrs. K.P. - Pembroke Pines, Florida

“I bought one Rainhandler in November just to see if it worked. Now I have 40 sections on my home, and I’ll never clean gutters again. Thank you, Rainhandler.”

Mr. E.W.N. - Marietta, Ohio

“I bought 6 sections for the back of my home in 1998. Now, three years later, my front gutters need replacing and I’m going to switch to Rainhandler. Please send me 20 sections.”

Mr. R.S. - Ballwin, Missouri

“I tested 6 Rainhandler sections on my home for six months. They did just what you said they would and now I’m ordering 5 more sections.”

Mr. J.Z. - Chicago Heights, Illinois

“Glad I heard about your product. The Rainhandler really does exactly what it is supposed to do.”

Mr. W.E. - Bentonville Arkansas

“I want to recommend Rainhandler products for use in northern climates.   Here in Anchorage, Alaska, winters aren’t fierce but they are long.  In general, snow build-up on roofs can lead to a strong potential of ice-dams as spring progresses.  While gutters just fill up with ice and can’t disperse over-running melt, I have had your Rainhandler System for seven winters now and ice-dams are not an issue at all.  Even though small icicles sometimes hang from the blades of the Rainhandler, I’ve had no support problems – the icicles just added to winter’s  beauty!”

John SmithSteve Williams - Anchorage, Alaska

“I used to have a problem in the winter with my conventional gutters with the ice build up over my bow window, and then the water backing up and running into the living room. The problem has been solved since I installed your system. I’m glad I heard about your product, although I was a little skeptical at first.”

G.B.K. - G.B.K.

“We ordered some of your Rainhandler sections a year ago and are so well satisfied we are ordering for the rest of our home. Please find enclosed check.”

H.F.P. - Manchester, Iowa

“My first order for 10 sections worked so well that I’m doing my entire home. Please send 41 sections and charge my card.

R.W.T. - Yreka, California

“Please use me as a reference for Rainhandler – It works very well for me and does exactly what it is supposed to do on my home.

W.P. - Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

I am very happy with my Rainhandler installation.”

Mr. C.A.N. - Lake Lure, North Carolina

“I have 52 five-foot Rainhandler sections on my home and I love them.”

Mr. C.E.B. - Wicomico Church, Virginia

“Rainhandler have made a believer out of me and the winters here are severe.”

Mr. J.V. - Pittsford, New York

“This order will complete the installation on my home. I like the Rainhandlers very much. No cleaning, no climbing.”

Mr. C.T.O. - Cranford, New Jersey

“Just like everyone else, I’ve tried the product, love the installation and performance, and I’m back for the rest of the house!

Daniel Huber - West Berlin, New Jersey

Thank you again for bringing RainhandleR into our lives and to the internet.       I have been so pleased with the system after installing it early in July of     1997.The heavy summer rains really put them to the test.

My windows no longer get soot on them from the gutter overflows. The delicate flowers that grow below my windows not only keep their soil but they also keep their beautiful petals as they are gently watered by RainhandleR. I could not have asked for a better water dispersement system for my home. I look forward to the months ahead and hope that RainhandleR holds up equally as well with the heavy snow and ice that falls each year here in the northeast.

Thanks again, and God bless.

Have a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Day

Connie King - Fox Hill Health & Fitness

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Attention Linda:
Here is the check for the order that I placed over the phone on March 4, 1997. The order is for 12 sections of white Rainhandlers. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

We bought 20 sections last year for the front and sides of our house. We liked them so much, we decided to put some up on the back. We have also recommended Rainhandlers to all of our friends. Thanks for the great service and a great product!

Sincerely yours,

Mr. & Mrs. C. S - Beaumont, Texas