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For 29 YEARS Rainhandler Systems have been successfully installed, helping more than 500,000 homeowners eliminate gutter problems forever.  Order now to take advantage of our Summer Sale, enjoy 20% OFF on all orders plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150.  Enter code SUM20 at checkout.

One (1) Rainhandler Plus® 5-foot section featuring Louvarc™ design. The best rain disperser available. Includes three mounting brackets and six screws.  Enter code SUM20 at checkout to get the discount. $21.90 $17.52 White, Brown, Aluminum
(Extra) Package of 3 Rainhandler Plus mounting brackets. 4.95
White, Brown, Aluminum
Horizontal adapter, pkg. of 3, extends Rainhandler 1″ outward horizontally. Use only when roof edge extends outward more than 2-1/2″ from the vertical fascia. Order one (1) pkg. for each Rainhandler ordered. 4.95
White, Brown, Aluminum
Vertical adapter, pkg. of 3, needed only when vertical fascia is less than 4″. Order one (1) pkg. for each Rainhandler ordered. 4.95
White, Brown, Aluminum
DOORBRELLA™ Rain Diverter. Diverts water from doorways, etc. Roof-mounted. No nails. Two (2) pieces, 36″ length each with putty seal. Available in brown and aluminum. 17.95
Brown, Aluminum
Drip Edge Extenders for extending drip edge. 5 foot section. Must use when roof edge extends less than 1-1/2″ from the vertical fascia. Available in brown and aluminum. 6.95
Brown, Aluminum
Roof Valley Rain Diverter. Installed in the valley between roof. No nails. Available in brown and aluminum. 7.95
Brown, Aluminum
1″  Angled Fascia Adapter – pkg. of 3.  Specify size and color. Use only when fascia board is not vertical.


2″ at $5.95 and 3″ $6.95.  Please phone in your order at 800-942-3004.

3/12 $4.95 White, Brown, Aluminum
6/12 $4.95 White, Brown, Aluminum
9/12 $4.95 White, Brown, Aluminum
Shipping & Handling: CT residents only, please add 6.35% sales tax. (CT tax applies to total including shipping, handling, and packaging.)