Special Offers

Dear Homeowner,

Thank you for your interest in RainhandleR – the rain dispersal system that makes an old-fashioned gutter obsolete.

I discovered rugged, all-aluminum RainhandleRs about 29 years ago. First I put them on my own home, then I bought the company! When I saw how RainhandleRs really do put an end to gutter cleaning once and for all, I knew this was a product every homeowner in America would want to own.

Over the years we’ve made some improvements and I’m proud to say that today’s RainhandleR is even better than before! Using the laws of physics and the science of hydrodynamics, patented RainhandleRs turn the sheet of water pouring off your roof into thousands of raindrops that disperse gently across a 2-to-3 foot swath – helping keep your lawn and shrubs healthy, with none of the erosion or trenching that occurs when you don’t have a gutter or when a clogged gutter overflows.

If you’re tired of scrambling up ladders… if you hate scooping that rotting mess out of your gutter… if you’re fed up with water backing up under the roof edge when your gutter forms ice dams in winter… if you hate those ugly downspouts spoiling the lines of your home… Rainhandlers are your dream come true!

Thousands of homeowners from Maine to Hawaii, from Alaska to Florida, have installed Rainhandlers on their homes. They’ve saved time. They write us (like Mr. J.S. of St. Louis, who writes, “I used to spend $130 a year on gutter cleaning before I switched to Rainhandlers.”) They have increased the value of their homes.

Rainhandler is warranted for 25 years. It has been tested and approved for dispersion, strength and durability by independent testing labs. It’s received top marks twice from a leading Consumer magazine. It has met exacting specifications of U.S. government agencies. It’s in use in Canada, the U.K. and 15 other countries. And it is guaranteed to work for you.

Our guarantee is simple. You are the judge. You must be satisfied, or you’ll get your money back. No headaches. No hassles. That’s our iron clad ONE-YEAR guarantee to you.

For 29 YEARS Rainhandler Systems have been successfully installed, helping more than 500,000 homeowners eliminate gutter problems forever.  Just measure the length of the roofline where you want to install the Rainhandlers. Complete the Internet order form and submit it or give us a call, TOLL FREE, at 1-800-942-3004. We’ll answer any questions you may have, help you figure how many sections you need, and take your order then and there.  You can use your Discover, Amex, MasterCard or Visa, or put a check in the mail – and say good-bye to clogged gutters, once and for all.


Ted Buckenmaier
CEO Savetime Corporation

P.S. Remember – you have no risk at all. RainhandleRs are 100% guaranteed for ONE YEAR.